Saturday, 24 April 2010

Onions and other stuff [but mainly onions]

These are shallots bought in Sainsbury's - they had 'grown in Leicestershire' on the pack so I thought 'what the heck'. They were put into root trainers and allowed to grow a good root system over winter and they are looking fab right now.
These are my overwintered Rossa Di Milano onions, the seeds were given to me by Piglet Willie off of the I sowed some last year and held back about 12 onions to allow them to set seed for swapping. The onions themselves are my favourite - heart shaped and red and totally lush. So, I'm really glad that these made it through winter!

We have lots of winter sown onions, [pics already on earlier posts] ready to go in the ground. After a visit to an Amish Type community this week, I am trying to really shove the veg in and grown them much closer together this year so these are not being separated out but each module will be teased into a sort of line, and they will be grown pretty close together.

Lovely lovely Flax.

Monday, 5 April 2010


I put quite a few beans in to compost last Sunday to chit. After a couple of days in the greenhouse I brought them indoors as it was a tad chilly outside. I'm pleased to say that most of them look like this [above]. So I've put them into pots, root-trainers and toilet toll holders, as shown below.


So, I've taken a few photos in the greenhouse today. Firstly some onions. We put about 200 onions from sets out in the lottie this weekend; and were starting to worry about where to put this lot. As I'm growing so many beans this year, and we've manured so much - it doesn't leave alot of unmanured space for onions. Bear in mind we already had about 300 overwintering onions in; I'm guessing we will slot these in wherever we had a nook or indeed a cranny. P.S....there's another long tray of onions to add to this; I'd estimate about another 3-400 all in all on top of the ones already in their final position. I dread to think how many there REALLY are.

The top piccie shows the onions all sown on the same day for the 5 schools that I'm getting sorted. As you can see, it can't be my sowing technique or indeed the compost that has stopped these seeds from germinating. So, if they don't come up soon, I'm going to be writing to some seed companies asking for my money back! Wasters....