Friday, 18 December 2009

HSL 2010 seeds

Mine have just arrived; first choices again.

I have:

Black Coco Dwarf French Bean
Gladstone Pea
London Market Carrot
Boothby's Blond Cucumber
Sheepnose Pepper
Lukovidsky Onion
and a lucky dip of
Mountaineer's White Half Runner Climbing French Bean


Thursday, 10 December 2009


Wow - can't believe that I haven't updated this for so long. Summer got a bit busy.

Well, we had a great growing year.

Successes were the Chilis and Beans

Onions were good, but as always, we could do with more so I have about 400 overwintering at the moment, with about 100 seeds sown in August that are in the greenhouse for the winter.

Tomatoes, we had good success in the Greenhouse but the Outdoor ones got blight, so I got plenty of green tomato chutney from them before they were all binned.

Raspberries; Joan Js - were still cropping heavily in November so I've left the rest of them to the birds

Courgettes - were still cropping in November but have died back now

Carrots; really minimal carrot fly damage as they were grown under nets

Parsnips - started harvesting in Oct but still plenty in the ground

Peas, the HSL tall peas were a great success - apart from Pea Moth after June [eugh]

Celery - I'm growing in the Greenhouse now, in pots in gravel trays full of water. It's just easier than in the ground and they are sweet and blanched.

Very very quick summary there - but back on track with regular updates now