Sunday, 26 February 2012


Today I sowed all the tomato seeds from the circle.

I'm not going to individually take a photo of each variety - but the list is:

Alpatieva 905A
Beijing Yellow
Dwarf Mr Snow  
Early Tanana
Green Bell Pepper
Korol Rannikh  
Michael Pollan
Monkeys Ass
Plumpton King
Prairie Fire 
Yellow Out Red In
Red Pear
Slovienian Black
Tasmanian Chocolate Dwarf
T.C. Jones 
Vova Yellow 

Couldn't find Eli so I have no idea where that has gone, it might turn up sometime.

I also sowed

Tzimbalo Solanum Caripense

Sowing and Transplanting

Today I:
Transplanted some lettuce sown in December and some beetroot sown last week.
Sowed lots and lots of tomatoes for me, for swapping, for schools and for the CPD that I am running in a few weeks.

List of tomatoes sown:
All the ones from the Seed Circle - see other blog for details
Bush Toms:
Rambling Gold
Beaver Lodge Slicer
Pendulum Orange
Vine Tomatoes
Red Cluster Pear
Cristel's Plum
Piglet Willie's French Black
Blue OSU
Black Plum
Purple Russian
Imur Prior Beta
Speckled Russian Plum
Depp's Pink Firefly
Darby Striped Pink/Yellow
Giant Plum
Stonor's Most Prolific
Brad's Black Heart
Auntie Madge's

That little lot should keep us all going for a fair while!

Just to keep the photos going, this is a pic of a Blue OSU from 2011. I believe it's being sold now commercially, which is nice.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sowing stuff

Today I have done a little potting on - and some sowing

Oskar Pea [sent to me by Sarz - thanks hon]
Detroit Rock City Beetroot [not really, Detroit 2 but a gal can dream]
Some Huckleberry seeds that didn't germinate last year
Some Ground Plum seeds that also didn't germinate last year [that's ebay for you]
And some of JeanieD's Extra Fine Flat Leaf Parsley.

No photos - so here's one I took earlier in New York - with the Holga. Not related to growing in any way but that's life!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Tomatoes, chillis and potato onions

 I just wanted to post some updates to my current seed sowing collection that is sitting on my kitchen worktop. Most of these chillis germinated in a heated prop and were then taken straight out. They stay in these little pots until they have 2 true leaves and are then given a little pot each and some will be put into the unheated greenhouse with plenty of protection - most though are going back to schools to continue growing on or go to plant swaps [only about 5% will I keep].

Fatalli chillis - from a chilli seed circle - all germinated really quickly - I've heard from the seed donater that these are lovely so I might want to grow lots of these.


Long Green Buddha sweet peppers - again germinated really quickly

Bolivian Rainbow chillis - notice the darker leaves - I do like growing these chillis

Peperone Chillis - sown by a student and I think a few extra went in than expected - but lovely and quick germination all the same. Nice.

One of the tomatoes from before - now with 2 true leaves. I don't rush them once they are growing as I like to grow them hard and these will be transplanted soon to to the bottom of their true leaves - burying the seed leaves asap. 

This is a Maskotka - which was originally with a GYO mag but I saved from them and saved them again so these are from those seeds - I like these as the nieces love them and they can be eaten in one small mouthful. I use chalk pens these days as well as labels as it saved much time!

2 types of potato onion - red and white - got these from the Garden Organic Potato Day Seed Swap - will try and bulk these up this year.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Today I have sown:
4 little pots of Golden Bear F1 onions
1 little pot of Purplette onions
3 little pots of Robelija onions.

All these seeds were from the Garden Organic Gardener's 'old seed' stash, the seed is old and I have made a donation to the team funds for these.
I have quite bad White Rot on my lottie, and some Golden Bear seedlings that I bought last year that were deliberately transplanted into a bad white rot bed are still standing [I wanted to see if they really would be white rot resistant and it seems so]. So I am going for broke on testing these out this year.

In the meantime, here's a picture of some onions I have grown before...

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Potting on and sowing

Today - as well as the alliums from my sister Blog [the Seed circle one] - I potted on about 24 garlics. I had sown them in a tray because I just hadn't had time to get to the plot, prep a bed and sow these. I have done some in situ but these are supplemental and are from a previous year's crop.

They are now in 3 inch pots and as soon as the roots have grown into decent sized rootballs - I'll put them into their final positions with a bulb planter. They were frozen this morning so that should be enough to get them to form cloves.

I've also sown some random broad beans - 4 different 'end of bag' varieties. Will be kept indoors until this cold snap comes to and end and if they get to 6 inches before then - they will go into root trainers and in a polystyrene box until it warms up a bit and then into the plot. 

This is where 'I don't care what biodynamic day it is' comes into it's own as I have no idea but only had today to do it so it had to be done.

Still CBA to take photos today so here is a pic of my Box Brownie which I will be using this year to take old style photos of stuff

Potting on

I've not taken photos as honestly; I feel like rubbish today and CBA to get the camera out. However - I have potted on the Egyptian Walking Onions and the Babington Leeks. There's a fair few in both so I'll only keep half of each I think and give the others away. As they do look good in borders, I am guessing I'll have a few people willing to take them off my hands and grow them on who have lovely ornamentals on their plots/gardens.

So here is a pic of Babington Leeks I took 18 months ago, in the Cook's Garden at Garden Organic, Ryton Gardens.

Oh, and the Sorrel is up and looking good. So that will be potted on soon and grown probably in a trough with other random salad leaves.