Thursday, 10 June 2010


Achocha growing nicely; will start to take over the world soon

Baby achochas already forming....


Beetroot - all sown in a grid and ready to be transplanted [yay] - 2 different types in here, Chioggia, Sanguina and Burpee's Golden.

Lettuce - sown and most of it was up within 24 hours. Will be planted out and some taken to Ryton next week for our impromptu plant swap

First pepper flower on a HSL Sheep's Nose pepper.

Onions, Radar if I remember correctly - nearly ready after being out all winter.

Seed Saving and Seed Guardian

Carrot flower [Chantenay], just about to come out, for the Grapevine Seed Saving Circle 2010

Beetroot flower [Chioggia] just coming out for the Grapevine Seed Saving Circle 2010

Crimson Giant Radish flowers as a HSL Seed Guardian 2010

More flowers and stuff from the garden...

Just a general wander around the garden

Just some general pics of flowers.

Onions, yes they really do push themselves apart [honest]

So, for the non believers.

I grow my onions in pinches in modules, and transplant module by module into their final position.

From here on in, I leave them to it.

One picture is of the onions as they are now [this season's] and the other is last seasons, which are ready for picking soon. You can take the largest one, and leave the smaller ones to carry on growing, if you do it carefully.

Lancashire Lad Pea

Three photos of the Lancashire Lad Pea. Flower, pod and pod with peas in.

Golden Sweet Yellow Podded Mange Tout

What a lovely plant!

I'm hoping to cross these with Clarke's Beltony Blue Peas and see what occurs, but couldn't resist taking this photo yesterday - these are ones at once of the schools that I am creating organic gardens in.