Saturday, 31 January 2009

Seed Sowing 30th Jan

Australian Yellowleaf lettuce
Purple Loosestrife
Red Iceberg Lettuce
Mixed Red Leaves [lettuces]
Rouge Tete Cabbage

Potato Day 24th Jan and sowing seeds 25th

Went to potato day at Ryton 
8 Amorosa
4 Mayan Gold
8 Remarka
8 Desiree
10 Picasso
Along with the 19 Sarpo Miras and a big bag of Kestrel, which I was glad i'd bought beforehand as the Kestrel had long gone by the time we got there. 

I sowed the following on the 25th 

and pricked out and repotted the rest of the onions - I chopped the leaves back and they are now outdoors in a propagator [unheated]

New Room

This is the new desk that we've bought - I say new - it's from the 50s and an original piece - we've also bought the chair and are picking it up next weekend. The first picture is it in drawing board mode
This is it in desk mode

and it's going into our new garden room/office which was finished last night. Finished photo to follow - once i get myself sorted and a photo uploaded. 

Friday, 23 January 2009

Sown Seeds

I've been away for a few days this week, so I haven't paid much attention to the flower seeds and I've just watered them and I've got some of the large cosmos up. 

Photos will follow, once they are of a size to be interesting. 

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sowing flowers

I've sown some flowers today, both for companion planting with the veg and for Mark's borders. 

In no particualar order:

agapanthus - seed saved from Heligan 
cerinthe - seed saved from our own plants
sweetpea - lilac - seed from two_sheds
sweet pea - cupani - suttons
sweet pea - burnished bronze - kings seeds
white cosmos - seed saved from heads taken from someone else's garden [can't remember who]
big white cosmos - seed taken from seed head at Ryton
silene - jack flash - thompson and morgan
garlic chives - suffolk herbs
marigold - lemon gem - thompson and morgan
nasturtium - cobra - thompson and morgan
echinacea - seed saved from our plants - I tested 4 seeds last week and 3 germinated - so I'm hoping these grow as we've never been able to get bought seed to actually grow. 

As I was sowing sweetpeas...even though it is a flower day today - I decided to pop a handful of 
peas - kelvedon wonder and 
bored beans - aquadulce 
into deep pots.

Japanese Anemones

Today, I dug out some Japanese Anemones for two Grapes, one to go to Suffolk/Norfolk and one to France. I'm hoping they can take good root cuttings as the roots are nice and thick. 

Friday, 9 January 2009

Tomatoes and Onions germinated

These are my onion seedlings; all are up apart from the banana shallots - sown on 29th Dec 2008. 

These are my Purple Ukraine tomato seedlings, sown on 27th Dec 2008. All tomatoes are up, but the chillis haven't shown any sign of movement yet. 

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Tuesday 6th Jan 2009

Just a couple of pictures taken at the park. I didn't venture too far into the wilds as it was very cold and I had my 7 months pregnant friend with me [excuses, excuses...]

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Alberto's Locoto Rocoto

Alberto's Locoto Rocoto

Grown from RealSeeds seed. 

Sown 3rd Feb 2008

Potted on, hardened off and grown in pot; brought indoors Dec 2008. 

Peppers started going red around Christmas time. 

82cm from top of soil to top of plant. 

We are trying to overwinter and see how long we can keep it going. the foliage started getting a bit wild, so it was trimmed back in Sept/Oct 08.