Sunday, 28 February 2010

Last day of Feb 2010

Although it is out of focus; here we have a ladybird in the greenhouse today. Good to see

I have often mentioned growing celery ascut and come again, I cut this back about 3 weeks ago and it is starting to grow back, even in the shocking weather we have been having. It looks yellower than it is [must sort out that white balance...but it is a mobile phone pic so I'm not too worried]

These are the seedlings sown since Christmas day; they are put into the greenhouse as soon as they germinate and left to their own devices

These are the ones sown in Jan - same but just a tad smaller

This is the result of my Manure versus Bog Standard Compost Onion Trial. These were all sown on 31 May 2009 and a random handful were pulled and 9 were were put into each pot. One pot was full of a mix of normal compost and well rotted manure and the other just compost. I then just left them to their own devices, they stayed outside all winter until a month ago when they were put into the unheated greenhouse. They have been grown side by side the whole way through.

It is evident that the manure ones have not grown as big or as fat as the normal compost ones. I wasn't expecting that!!! The rest of the sowing was planted out under a long cloche and the second half of that experiment will be unearthed soon.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Bean Project - Yin Yang

Yin Yang


Classic double coloured bean.

The Bean Project - Tung



The Bean Project - Triomph De Farcy

Triumph/Triomph De Farcy


Nice colouring

The Bean Project - Ruth Bible

Ruth Bible


I grew these last year, and they were very prolific - wouldn't give up producing beans!

The Bean Project - Royal Red

Royal Red


Dark red and nice shape. Will enjoy this one.

The Bean Project - Rose D'eyragues

Rose D'eyragues


Nice mottling.

The Bean Project - Red Calypso

Red Calypso


Two types sent to me, again will try to grow them to get the rogue stable.

The Bean Project - Provider



Will grow to see if I can get a stable variety from this type; as I do love black beans. Most common 'type' will be kept for next generation and the rest will be eaten.

The Bean Project - Pinto

Pinto Bean


The first bean that I grew for drying and eating. Lovely. I've got my own 2 rogues that I will be growing this year to see if I can get it stabilised.

The Bean Project- Pea Bean

Pea Bean


Looks like Yin Yang and often confused. I'll do a more specific comparison between these this year and see what the differences are in timings, weight, number of pods etc.

The Bean Project - Nun's Belly Button

Nun's Belly Button


Rather lovely pattern on the 'belly button' side of the bean that does look like a nun. Fabulous.

The Bean Project - Norweigan Dry

Norweigan Dry


The Bean Project - Monastic Coco

Monastic Coco


I've grown these for a couple of years now and they are one of my favourites. Very similar to Yin Yangs to look at but seem to mature just that bit quicker.

The Bean Project - Mayflower



Looks like it didn't do too well last year, so will try and be extra careful with these seeds this year.

The Bean Project - Mariazeller



Very nice pattern on this one

The Bean Project - Marfax



The Bean Project - Lazy Housewife [White]

Lazy Housewife [White]


The Bean Project - Lazy Housewife [Brown]

Lazy Housewife [Brown]


The Bean Project - Latvian Pea

Latvian Pea


Dries small, and used like a chick pea. I grew these last year and they can't be eaten as raw beans, too mealy. I didn't have enough to use in food but will try again this year. They dry rock hard so might need some cooking before using.

The Bean Project - Kew Blue

Kew Blue


Heavy cropper and very early. Which is nice.

The Bean Project - Jersey



Nice colour splashes

The Bean Project - Jersey Rogue

Jersey Rogue - might be named Cardigan


Nice looking colour.

The Bean Project - Ireland Creek Annie

Ireland Creek Annie


Look intriguing, as if they would be good in a soup

The Bean Project - Inca Pea

Inca Pea


Lovely splashes of colour on this one. Coco shape.

The Bean Project - Hutterite Soup

Hutterite Soup


The Bean Project - Horticultural Bird's Egg

Horticultural Bird's Egg


Look very much like Borlotto! Possibly a bit rounder. Will compare later in the year.

The Bean Project - Hidatsa Shield Figure

Hidatsa Shield Figure


Interesting colour mix. Coco like shape. Will report back.

The Bean Project - Flavert



Lovely looking green beans, can't wait to make some bean hummus with these!

[note to self, retake photo!]

The Bean Project - Ernie's Big Eye

Ernie's Big Eye


These have got to be one of the loveliest looking beans ever! I really can't wait to get a tray full of these this summer.

The Bean Project - Emperor of Russia

Emperor of Russia

Bush Bean

I've grown these before, they are a very early cropper and keep producing lovely red speckled beans for the full season so if you grow them, don't pull them up when you think they are done as they will produce another flush of flower and bean if you get a later frost.

The Bean Project - Dalamtion - Variants

Dalmation - Variants

Bush bean

Variants of the previous Dalmation bean. Slightly smaller than the original grown bean.

The Bean Project - Dalmation - As bought

Dalmation - as bought

Bush bean

I was sent two types, this is the original type. I'm a sucker for beans splashed with colour so this one really appeals. If it is unstable, I'm going to grow these away from the other slightly different variants to see if I can get a further generation of stable beans.

The Bean Project - Cranberry Lilac

Cranberry Lilac


These were sent in their cases to me as they hadn't yet dried out. The joy of seeing them when I open the cases was unbound! What lovely coco shaped lilac coloured beans. I'm really looking forward to getting a load of these grown.

The Bean Project - Cosse Violette

Cosse Violette


I've grown these before. The pods are violet but soon turn brown as the season progresses. The beans have a hint of purple about them and they dry off nicely for storing. Quite prolific.

The Bean Project - Corona Di Spagna

Corona Di Spagna


Large white beans.

The Bean Project - Cocco Bianco

Cocco Bianco


A nice looking white coco bean. I imagine nice in a lovely potato and leek soup.

The Bean Project - Caseknife



The Bean Project - Canadian Wonder

Canadian Wonder


One of my favourites, plus the best red bean for Chili. A must have for keen bean growers

The Bean Project - Bridgewater



Looks like a cross between Borlotti and a Coco Bean.

The Bean Project - Blue Lake White

Blue Lake Bean


One of the first that I ever grew; I didn't use it as a dried bean but will do this year.

The Bean Project - Black Eyed Pea

Black Eyed Pea

Possibly Bush

Very small, obviously quite well known, but smaller than I thought they would be.

The Bean Project - Black Coco

Black Coco


Love these, I saw them in HSL so decided to get some of them as part of my 6 yearly seeds; can't wait to get these planted.

The Bean Project - Black Canterbury

Black Canterbury


Looks interesting; I love black beans so am hoping to get a good crop of these

Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Bean Project - Barlotta Lingua Di Fuoco Nano

Barlotta Lingua Di Fuoco Nano


Otherwise known as Borlotti.

The Bean Project - Amethyst



Looks very similar to Tiger Bean, so I'll compare the two later in the season. Must remember to put these two apart from each other