Sunday, 13 March 2011

Seed sowing and potato planting

So, since last post:
Sown on the 8th - Turnip De Milano, Poached Egg Plant, Leek, Bleu De Solaise. Onions - sturon, zebrune shallot, rouge pale de niort, jaune paille de vertus, kyoto market, deep purple spring, random chives

Sown on the 12th - HSL peas - pilot, tutenkhamun, parsley, purple podded, salmon flowered. And Sown for Seed Guardianship - Chinese Radish, Crimson Giant Radish and Buffalo Horn Tomato

Potatoes put in today, the 13th - Amorosa, Charlotte and Kestrel. Charlotte and Kestrel were netted as they are at the top of the plot where it gets a little windier.

Sown today: 13th:
Chioggia Beetroot [self saved, these were the bits that didn't go through the sieve]
Tomatoes: Red Zebra, Summer Cider, Yellow Pigmy, Snowberry, Black Pineapple, Limmony, Banana Leggs, Brown Berry, Showwhite Cherry, Maskotka, Red Pear Franchi.
Peas: Table Talk and Sweet Peas from Ryton
Pepper: Corno Rosso, Carmangola Rosso, Ciliega Piccante
And a tray of Fenugreek.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Seed Sowing

Things I sowed today:

Tester cucurbit: Rugosa Friulana - Summer Squash

Aubergine: Violetta Lunga 2

White Cosmos
Poached Egg Plant
Astrantia [from Cascades - nr Matlock Bath]
Rudbeckia and other seeds [from Chatsworth]
Calendula Officinalis Greenheart Orange
Echium Pininana

Black Hungarian
Corno Gallo
Purple Venezulian
Kaibi Round No 2
Sweet Chocolate
Dedo De Mocha Sweet Aji
Sweet Piemento
Bolivian Rainbow [last of these seeds]
Gogosar [last of these seeds]
Cheyenne [last of these seeds]
Mini bell pepper
Ryton Red Chili [last of these seeds]
Purple Jalapeno
Sweet Pointy Pepper

Piglet Willie's French Black
Speckled Plum Russian [no, I can't understand the writing and the pic looks like plums that are speckled]
Saint Pierre
Amish Paste
Costoluto Fiorentino
Red Cluster Pear
Black Cherry
Aunti Madge's
Fablone Listnyj