Sunday, 14 May 2017

Spring 2017

So it is spring again. At long last.

My peas that were hidden by critters at the allotment, have turned out to be sweet peas. I picked the first two last night after planting them in the garden last week. They smell divine. 

I've started picking all the smelly herbs and using for cooking, so I pick and pop them in a vase until I lunch or dinner time. Meanwhile they are there on the windowsill looking and smelling lovely. Currently we have Tashkent Mint which I am pulling by the roots as it is spreading [I did want it to spread so am pulling it out where I don't want it], Fennel and Lovage. I find using lovage in cooking replaces celery for the taste and is such a breeze to grow it needs no looking after at all.

 Out for a wander the other evening so took a few photos of the garden - I am in the middle of digging out all the self seeded Oregano [hundreds of plants] and so we are replacing the spaces with new purchases. Our smoke bush is finally recovering after moving it a few feet 2 years happy that it will smoke this year

I put Walking Onions in the front garden last year, the first batch did indeed walk a few inches and both are now starting to form the top sets. 

We've been and harvested these from the allotment, which were in a bed that needed a good weeding. A nice little bonus. 

We have a new wall, previously it was an old knackered block work wall, 3 ft high and we had to have a trellis for privacy but new neighbours moved in and suggested a new wall and we agreed that would be fab if they wanted to build it. SO am hoping to put a nice smelly climber, espalier something I have grown from seed [possibly my Asian Pear from the seeds from windfalls at Ryton], and a wisteria in. More plants to buy - yay!

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