Friday, 28 November 2008

2008 in pictures.

You can just make me out in the red! My niece was just going to pull her first ever carrot. Must make sure that doesn't happen again [me in a photo, not my niece pulling carrots]. Taken in August 2008. You can see the shed on the left hand side.  
This is our OCA, grown from Real Seeds tubers. As we speak, we have dug up 5 of the 12 plants, the others are still in the ground. 
Our carrot, onion and leek bed. Well, one of them 
Beans and tomatoes in background and brassicas in foreground. 
From the back, sunflowers, beans, 3 sisters sweetcorn/squash and beans, and carrot/leek/onion bed in the foreground. 

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Vegetable Heaven said...

Lovely pics Zazen. It's nice to see where other people grow their own!