Friday, 28 November 2008

2008 in pictures.

You can just make me out in the red! My niece was just going to pull her first ever carrot. Must make sure that doesn't happen again [me in a photo, not my niece pulling carrots]. Taken in August 2008. You can see the shed on the left hand side.  
This is our OCA, grown from Real Seeds tubers. As we speak, we have dug up 5 of the 12 plants, the others are still in the ground. 
Our carrot, onion and leek bed. Well, one of them 
Beans and tomatoes in background and brassicas in foreground. 
From the back, sunflowers, beans, 3 sisters sweetcorn/squash and beans, and carrot/leek/onion bed in the foreground. 

First crop in

First crop in - these are shallots, moved from our garden at home, planted into the middle bed. I just wanted something to go in as soon as the paths were down. 

Planted out in April 2008. 

Monday, 24 November 2008

Our Allotment

We got our allotment from Roger, on 1st April 2008. It had been rotavated and the first thing I did was pop some paths in, using weed control fabric. 

The top half [nearest the camera] was great chunks of hard clay, and as it moved toward the back, it got less chunky - and even had a few pockets of sand. 

The First Post

Welcome to the First Post on The Linear Legume. 

Otherwise known as Andrea and Mark's Gardening Blog. 

We'll also publish the Moon Gardening results, photos, trials and other such nonsense. 

May the fun begin...