Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sowing flowers

I've sown some flowers today, both for companion planting with the veg and for Mark's borders. 

In no particualar order:

agapanthus - seed saved from Heligan 
cerinthe - seed saved from our own plants
sweetpea - lilac - seed from two_sheds
sweet pea - cupani - suttons
sweet pea - burnished bronze - kings seeds
white cosmos - seed saved from heads taken from someone else's garden [can't remember who]
big white cosmos - seed taken from seed head at Ryton
silene - jack flash - thompson and morgan
garlic chives - suffolk herbs
marigold - lemon gem - thompson and morgan
nasturtium - cobra - thompson and morgan
echinacea - seed saved from our plants - I tested 4 seeds last week and 3 germinated - so I'm hoping these grow as we've never been able to get bought seed to actually grow. 

As I was sowing sweetpeas...even though it is a flower day today - I decided to pop a handful of 
peas - kelvedon wonder and 
bored beans - aquadulce 
into deep pots.

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