Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Holiday time

Well, we are off to New York on Thursday, and staying in London village tomorrow night so just tidied up a few little jobs before we go.  

These are potatoes that have grown from shop bought ones that sprouted in the fridge. I cut the eyes out with a sliver of potato and popped them into roottrainers. They are growing nicely. 
They will go into pots once our greenhouse us up and running [2nd May]

This is a potato grown from seed; not a seed potato - I am talking about the seeds inside the fruit that formed on last year's potatoes after the flower fell off. It was germinated on kitchen roll, and transferred  to this 3 inch pot. After I took this, I repotted it into a deeper pot and it will go into the greenhouse until it in turn flowers and fruits. 

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