Friday, 3 July 2009

Moon Trial GZ Harvest

Today I dug up and weighed GZ

Sown on Jan 3rd
Harvested on July 3rd
6 months in the soil

Weights prior to sowing:
9, 13, 6, 8, 9
Weights at harvest 
89, 129, 29, 192, 186

Overall increase in weight 1386%

Clove number 2 had split and created 2 completely new and separate bulbs of garlic. Alternatively, a fluke clove found its way in and grew in the exact correct place; as no cloves had disappeared from the rest of the trial. This was the heaviest clove of the original selection of cloves [there were 3 that weighed 13g]. Clove 3 was the smallest of the final bulbs from the last 2 batches of sowings. 

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