Thursday, 16 December 2010

Seed Circle

Well, what a lovely surprise.

I am a member of 2 seed circles, one through the Grapevine and one through another forum [allotments for all] and this lovely packet was delivered through the door yesterday.
55 packets of lovely seeds!

When you collate the circle, you separate them all out for each member as they come in, so you get a feel for what's in the packs. but when someone else does it - it is a real surprise when the parcel arrives!

We have got several on the go this year [or should I say next year] - one for general seeds, one for tomatoes, one for peas and beans and one for goodness only knows what selection box I'll have this time next year.


Vegetable Heaven said...

Exciting though! You've been a great collator. Shame a few people didn't keep it up. Here's to next year!

Robert said...

I got my packet yesterday. I agree this works better, and avoids the moans (justified or otherwise; I don't know, but I never got a duff selection) and long delays you get with a round robin parcel.