Saturday, 15 January 2011

Seed Sowing

As I've been a little ill for the past fortnight - Swine Flu apparently - I've not done anywhere near as much seed sowing as usual for the beginning of January.

So far:
26 Dec 2010:
Ryton Red Chili
Black Hungarian Chili
PW's Sweet Pointy Pepper
Fat Bang Chili
Gelbe Kirschen Chili
11 Jan 2011:
PW's French Black Tomato
Blue OSU Tomato
Sweet Chocolate Pepper
Early Jalapeno Chili
Rubens Pepper
Mexican Honey Tomato
Sheepnose Pepper
Crimson Forest Onion
Rouge de Florence Onion
15 Jan 2011:
Hurst Green Shaft Pea [mainly for pea shoots]
Burpee's Golden Beetroot
Spinach Barbados F1
Red Riding Lettuce
Saladin Lettuce
Tabasco Chili


Vegetable Heaven said...

And I felt proud of my single sowing of Cayenne chilli! Still, in terms of what to do with them when they grow up, I know my limitations.

Zazen999 said...

Most of these are in the greenhouse - i know how much space I have in the kitchen....any extras will go to the schools as I have one with a greenhouse in the cotswolds and it warms up pretty quickly so I can put some in there.