Sunday, 13 March 2011

Seed sowing and potato planting

So, since last post:
Sown on the 8th - Turnip De Milano, Poached Egg Plant, Leek, Bleu De Solaise. Onions - sturon, zebrune shallot, rouge pale de niort, jaune paille de vertus, kyoto market, deep purple spring, random chives

Sown on the 12th - HSL peas - pilot, tutenkhamun, parsley, purple podded, salmon flowered. And Sown for Seed Guardianship - Chinese Radish, Crimson Giant Radish and Buffalo Horn Tomato

Potatoes put in today, the 13th - Amorosa, Charlotte and Kestrel. Charlotte and Kestrel were netted as they are at the top of the plot where it gets a little windier.

Sown today: 13th:
Chioggia Beetroot [self saved, these were the bits that didn't go through the sieve]
Tomatoes: Red Zebra, Summer Cider, Yellow Pigmy, Snowberry, Black Pineapple, Limmony, Banana Leggs, Brown Berry, Showwhite Cherry, Maskotka, Red Pear Franchi.
Peas: Table Talk and Sweet Peas from Ryton
Pepper: Corno Rosso, Carmangola Rosso, Ciliega Piccante
And a tray of Fenugreek.


Robert said...

Radishes are outbreeders, so how do you plan to stop them crossing?

Zazen999 said...

One will be grown at the lottie and one at home, all with fine netting covering them. Can't stand radishes so it's a good choice for Seed Guardian saving as I'm not tempted!

Nerissa said...


I wanted to email you in regards in any possible advertising opportunities you may have with your website...I would be very interested in working something out with you if you have anything at the moment. I'm looking to earn support for a national cause and get visibility for the "plant 1 billion trees" project which Andrew Liveris and the Nature Conservancy have partnered up on for people to donate $1 to. Let me know if you would be interested at all in supporting this cause. I look forward to talking to you soon!


Zazen999 said...

Nerissa - we will almost certainly never ever talk.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Ah, bleu de solaise leeks ... I grew them last year. Not very successfully it must be said, but that was probably my own fault!

Can't believe how many tomatoes you've sown, that's amazing. I'd love to see photos of them when they're fully grown, to see what they all look like :-)

Zazen999 said...

Bleu de Solaise; the ones sown here are now up - tomatoes - that's nothing! I have a garden, a greenhouse, a lottie, 3 school gardens and 2 pupil referral units now to supply - so lots of people want them! Will probably sell lots at boot fairs as well.

BayviewBob said...

Where are you located? What is your growing zone?

Zazen999 said...

In the middle of the idea what the zone is.