Thursday, 20 January 2011

Peas Please

I work at Garden Organic and today, they were going through all their old seeds that have not proved good enough in germination tests to send out to members. Alot do get used in seed swaps, but there were a few boxes of peas and beans that were going to be thrown out.

I'm going to use most of them in schools as trials - so getting the kids to germinate 10 of different aged pea seeds, and measure amount of germination, time to germination, and vigour and yields; but I know some people that read this that might want to nab a few before I give them out to the kids....the list is below. If you do want a small bag of any, contact me through the Vine and we can sort postage etc out.....

Parsley 04 x 2
Bullroyd Bean Pea 05
Salmon Flowered 04 & 05
Golden Sweet 06
Victorian Purple Podded Pea 06
Holland Capucijners 04 & 05
Freuer Steinrich 05
Purple Podded 04 x 2
Glory of Devon 04
Tutankhamen 05 x 2
Dwarf Defiance 06
Mr Bound's Bean Pea 04 & 06
Robinson 05
Turner's Spring 04
Pilot 06

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Seed Sowing

Seeds Sown today:
All from Real Seeds this lot...
Togi XL Bush Tomato for breeding
Togi XL Vine Tomato for breeding
Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper
Kaibi Round No 2 Sweet Pepper

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Seed Sowing

Sown today:

Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia
Pea Kelvedon Wonder
Ryton Sweet Pea and Cornflower Snowman
Onions: Parade, Ramata Di Milano, Long Red Florence, Valenciana, Prebosa, Shallot from home saved seed

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Seed Sowing

As I've been a little ill for the past fortnight - Swine Flu apparently - I've not done anywhere near as much seed sowing as usual for the beginning of January.

So far:
26 Dec 2010:
Ryton Red Chili
Black Hungarian Chili
PW's Sweet Pointy Pepper
Fat Bang Chili
Gelbe Kirschen Chili
11 Jan 2011:
PW's French Black Tomato
Blue OSU Tomato
Sweet Chocolate Pepper
Early Jalapeno Chili
Rubens Pepper
Mexican Honey Tomato
Sheepnose Pepper
Crimson Forest Onion
Rouge de Florence Onion
15 Jan 2011:
Hurst Green Shaft Pea [mainly for pea shoots]
Burpee's Golden Beetroot
Spinach Barbados F1
Red Riding Lettuce
Saladin Lettuce
Tabasco Chili