Sunday, 5 January 2014

Maria Zeller

This is a post about a lovely success story with one of the beans I had a few years back. It refers to this bean:

I had a few beans from a swap here in the UK. I tried to grow these and they failed and I had 2 left.

I was contacted about a swap with Russ Crow in the USA late 2011 and we swapped some beans.

I sent him the 2 Maria Zellers and after growing those two, he had 80 beans. He grew those and ended up with 1208 seeds. Which is totally brilliant and amazing and WOW!

Some pics are below.

He has sent some back to me, and hopefully will be swapping and sharing his batch in the USA as I will be doing here.

It's so good to resurrect a relatively rare bean and be able to share it out for growing.

Thanks Russ, and look forward to some more swapping in future years.

Russ's website showing the bean can be found here


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