Sunday, 28 February 2010

Last day of Feb 2010

Although it is out of focus; here we have a ladybird in the greenhouse today. Good to see

I have often mentioned growing celery ascut and come again, I cut this back about 3 weeks ago and it is starting to grow back, even in the shocking weather we have been having. It looks yellower than it is [must sort out that white balance...but it is a mobile phone pic so I'm not too worried]

These are the seedlings sown since Christmas day; they are put into the greenhouse as soon as they germinate and left to their own devices

These are the ones sown in Jan - same but just a tad smaller

This is the result of my Manure versus Bog Standard Compost Onion Trial. These were all sown on 31 May 2009 and a random handful were pulled and 9 were were put into each pot. One pot was full of a mix of normal compost and well rotted manure and the other just compost. I then just left them to their own devices, they stayed outside all winter until a month ago when they were put into the unheated greenhouse. They have been grown side by side the whole way through.

It is evident that the manure ones have not grown as big or as fat as the normal compost ones. I wasn't expecting that!!! The rest of the sowing was planted out under a long cloche and the second half of that experiment will be unearthed soon.


Robert said...

Have you set up following on your blog? I can't see a button, and I'm interested in your bean project. I'm doing something comparable with heritage peas, after a disaster last year when we had the worst flood in living memory just after I got everything planted out. I lost almost all my beans, but fortunately I have plenty of seed.

(This and That)

Sarah said...

Is your celery sitting in an ordinary watering tray, or something deeper?

Zazen999 said...

Hi Robert; I think you are following it now. I'll be putting more photos on this week as my first beans are chitted and need to go in.
Sarah - just sitting in a gravel tray. Nothing flash!!!