Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Bean Project - Introduction

I have been growing beans for a few years now. Originally I grew them for green beans, but I very quickly became obsessed with leaving them on the plant to pod up and dry out.

Last year I grew about 22 different types. I then offered a couple of up on the Grapevine and someone saw that I had a quite rare type and we swapped 8 beans of each of our types.

Since then I have also managed to obtain a few more types, so all in all I have about 70 different types of bean. I am of the opinion that it constitutes a 'collection'.

So, as many of these are rare and not obtainable elsewhere, and many do not seem to have images online - I thought I'd document them with either the notes sent to me on the above swap, or my own notes. I'll give a page to each bean and update with any additional information as more is found out about any of the types.

I really hope I get to the end of this project, and others see the beans and swap with me in the future. I do use many of these, but save ample amounts for re-growing or swapping. I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to do a 'mass swap' or wants to expand their collection once the 2010 harvest is in.

*Currently taking the photos - will start the posts tomorrow...


PurpleBint said...

Fab idea for a project. I'd love to have a go at some of the different beans, but don't have any to swap in return.

I do have root beer though, or self harvested chilli seeds? :)

Zazen999 said...

I can send you some anyway hon; I have plenty from the 2009 harvest. I'll message you on faceache.

PurpleBint said...

Fab, thank you :)