Monday, 5 April 2010


So, I've taken a few photos in the greenhouse today. Firstly some onions. We put about 200 onions from sets out in the lottie this weekend; and were starting to worry about where to put this lot. As I'm growing so many beans this year, and we've manured so much - it doesn't leave alot of unmanured space for onions. Bear in mind we already had about 300 overwintering onions in; I'm guessing we will slot these in wherever we had a nook or indeed a cranny. P.S....there's another long tray of onions to add to this; I'd estimate about another 3-400 all in all on top of the ones already in their final position. I dread to think how many there REALLY are.

The top piccie shows the onions all sown on the same day for the 5 schools that I'm getting sorted. As you can see, it can't be my sowing technique or indeed the compost that has stopped these seeds from germinating. So, if they don't come up soon, I'm going to be writing to some seed companies asking for my money back! Wasters....

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Vegetable Heaven said...

I've never chitted beans like this - I usually just soak overnight and pop them in the compost. At least you know that each one is a goer using your method.