Saturday, 24 April 2010

Onions and other stuff [but mainly onions]

These are shallots bought in Sainsbury's - they had 'grown in Leicestershire' on the pack so I thought 'what the heck'. They were put into root trainers and allowed to grow a good root system over winter and they are looking fab right now.
These are my overwintered Rossa Di Milano onions, the seeds were given to me by Piglet Willie off of the I sowed some last year and held back about 12 onions to allow them to set seed for swapping. The onions themselves are my favourite - heart shaped and red and totally lush. So, I'm really glad that these made it through winter!

We have lots of winter sown onions, [pics already on earlier posts] ready to go in the ground. After a visit to an Amish Type community this week, I am trying to really shove the veg in and grown them much closer together this year so these are not being separated out but each module will be teased into a sort of line, and they will be grown pretty close together.

Lovely lovely Flax.


Vegetable Heaven said...

Those red onions look the business. I always find reds from sets don't make much bulk.

Zazen999 said...

Flum, if I get some seeds from these then you are more than welcome of course to have some.

I've resisted and resisted growing them to eat and hope that they produce seeds ok as I've only got one actual seed left from PW's original gift. I kept one, just in case.