Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Scotia or Furry Hog?

Scotia - what I was expecting to be honest....

All the furry hogs look like this one

This is a scotia...but looks like a furry hog

A line of Furry Hogs at the back, and a line of Scotias at the front. Furry Hogs sown in one batch and Scotias all sown on a different day, in one batch.

The question is - is this the leaf that I should be expecting from a Furry Hog and just a few got mixed in with the Scotias; or has some cross-fertilisation gone on and do I have to isolate the 'pepper leaf' type Scotias AND the Furry Hogs so that all the toms from this year's saved toms don't all end up cross pollinating with the Furries.....'s exciting!!!

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