Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sowing 7th Jan 2012 - a root day

 I only have packets to show; as pics of little plant pots with soil in them are, well, pretty boring until the seedlings are actually showing, aren't they.

So, today I have sown the Stamme Onion seeds, and [no - don't start writing letters of complaint in] the Tomato Rootstock He-Man seeds. These are for grafting tomatoes onto; later in the season and - as I summated that it's the ROOTs that need to be strong here, I have sown them on a ROOT day and not a Fruit day. It's confuddling my mind though as I've been to the seed box 3 times now, to pick out other tomatoes to sow - even though I know in my head, it's a ROOT DAY. I just can't help it - I sow tomatoes and want to sow more.

Anyway - here's some pics of the packets, just to show I've sown them!

A now empty Stamme Onion seed packet

A half empty He-Man Tomato Rootstock packet; will sow the others in a few weeks. 

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