Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I've finally got it. Blight that is. The toms from the circle at the lottie finally succomed.

Surprised it wasn't earlier but it's still disappointing.

I've taken all the reasonably sized ones off and will try to let them mature but in 2 days, some have gone from green to black on the plant - even with only a few signs of black or yellow leaves. Must be mutating again.

So - I haven't got time to dispose of the lot tonight as I'm doing a day's course tomorrow, I was just popping down the plot to get the gooseberries I'd propagated earlier in the spring for the teachers to pot up tomorrow. But ended up having to pull up several plants otherwise those that are looking ok might just survive a few more weeks and I do want to give them a fighting chance.

Anyway - glum glum glum.

Roll on 2013. I'll be going back to making sure they are all under plastic next year.

Some from the circle are in the greenhouse or courtyard and they are still ok so far. Fingers crossed I may get a few seeds to share.

No photo - it's too depressing.

So I'm including a photo of my friends band's first CD. Keep it quiet but they first recorded most of it about 18 years ago and released it on vinyl but it only came out as a 'long player' the other week. Available on itunes or in hard copy from local independent record shops or from, of course, the fabulous Sister Ray in London Village.

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For The Record - VVG's Sowing and Growing in 2012 said...

You're not alone honey. It's been a vile year.