Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Good news - Turmeric

The summer of 2012 is two shoots of turmeric.

I got these from a chum who got them from another chum who got them from Morrison's in South Wales. A traditional hubbub of exotic-ness don't you know.

Anyway - they were put into these pots probably around April time. Nothing happened - they were even in a heated prop and I lost interest around I'd reckon May at the latest. The heated prop went off and I just left them there. No watering - not even opening the lid. The soil as you can see is shriveled up and bone dry. 

And yesterday - I thought I spotted a shoot. Thinking it was probably just a weed seed I didn't look. it was late, it was dark and I was tired.

But this morning after a coffee [natch] I decided to take a peek and lo and behold - two shoots!!!

And on Samhain as well. 

The end of the harvest season - beginning of winter. 

Let the new growth emerge.

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