Sunday, 24 February 2013

Seeds sown today

I have been quite good today - I sorted out the wormery compost from my wormery - and got that one and 2 others from freecycle up and running - each tray has a starter worm collection, plus browns and greens and loads of scrunched up paper for insulation. 2 will be going to the community garden as soon as the spring hits us.

Mark also emptied the dalek, and put all the good stuff in the compost bin so I harvested hundreds of fresh worms for the wormeries so that's good! Saves buying any.

I've sieved a load of last year's tomato and chilli compost - I have to say that the roots were significantly smaller than in previous years - some they hadn't even reached the sides of the pots.

And I've sown the following:
De Reboullion
Besancon [HSL]
Batun [HSL]
Up to Date [HSL]
Rouge Pale de Niort [Real Seeds]
Jaune Paille de Vertus [Real Seeds]
Baun [via JayB]
Zebrune Banana Shallot [Real Seeds via VVG]

Jaune de Poiton
Walton Mammoth [HSL]

Gelbe Kirschen
Lemon Drop

Flat leaf parsley
Earliest Cabbage [HSL]
Lanro Kohl Rabi
Crimson Flowered Broad Bean [VVG]
Oldambster Wierboon Broad Bean
Dwarf Grey Mangetout 
Twinkle Pea

Also some random seeds from the random seed experiment - and some other random seeds from the bottom of one of my bags. Can't wait to get sowing my beans though - next stop, writing down all the varieties I have and choosing which to grow out and bulk up. Bring it on!


For The Record - VVG's Sowing and Growing in 2012 said...

Corr blimey, that's a load of seeds. Is your greenhouse bursting too? Mine is filling up and I'm not sure what to shuffle where next. I sowed Nellies Black yesterday so fingers crossed X

Motormouth t said...

Interesting just reminded me I need to plant chiles in my heated propagator!!!