Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sowing seeds

Gosh - I feel like I've nearly neglected this blog - but in reality as it's a gardening blog and I've hardly done anything outside [save a little digging and raking] and I don't like to blog when nowt is happening - it's only just time to update it.

Tonight I've sown some tomatoes. Mainly because we are about 8 weeks behind Spring in the UK - or it feels like it - and many of my earlier sown toms have died. So instead of resowing loads in March I thought I'd wait a bit until April and then all of a sudden it was the 23rd. Meep.

So - today's sowings are:
Red Cherry
Cuore Di Bue
Dancing with Smurfs
Last seeds of all of the following:
Sweet and Neat
Yellow Perfection
Costoluto Fiorentino
Piglet Wilie's French Black
HSL seeds:
Sugar Plum
Peacevine Cherry
Arkansas Traveller
Dawson's Russian Oxheart
Imur Prior Beta
Stonor's No 2

As it says - apart from the first 4 - I have sown all I have of the rest. So if they keel over and die then that's it. I only have another 120 ish varieties to choose from the rest of my collection.

I'll take some to some of the schools over the next week or so and let them sow a few so I may be back with more news on varieties soon.

Until then - I'm not abandoning you - I'm just not boring you with whinges about the weather - which is set to turn icy again next week. Boo.

Oh, I've done some other sowing - low key though. Including a new Leek that I'm going to be saving year on year for HSL - Sim Seger. They were up withing days and I'll select the best 20 next Spring and pop into a corner to flower and then I'll just harvest from the flowers each year. No need to sow again. Easy!

Meanwhile...whilst it's been horrid outdoors I've been making baskets. And all my friends are now making baskets too. So here's one I made earlier.

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