Monday, 29 April 2013

The Random Approach - 16 week review.

Well, this is great!

Honestly - the best decision I made so far. I've got loads of seedlings ready to go into the Gert bed; loads to go into the gardens, and loads spare to go to the schools. I did start off pricking them out into trays but to be honest, once a majority are up, they get taken out with me to go into whichever plot I am working on net. Blimmin' marvelous.

No good for seed saving as they aren't named varieties - but good for growing and eating. And no faffing through loads of seed packets.

I might end up doing this more often!

 A pic of the various trays:

Some in seed blocks - a review of this tool to follow another day

 A pic of some in the Gert bed - put in a couple of weeks ago and are still there. Even with all the winds.

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