Thursday, 28 June 2012

A little accident done good?

So, I bunged a few rows of broad beans into a bed, pre tomatoes going in - just to act as a green manure. Lots of different varieties - about 100 plants I reckon. Only half came up.

Thing is, they grew really fast, and overtook the cultivated and 'looked after in the greenhouse' ones, so I left them. My lottie neighbour has been drooling over them for weeks. I've been harvesting for ages - and decided today to get all the rest in.

Well, after about 45 mins, I had to leave half the plants otherwise I'd not have time to de-pod them tonight. That trug is half full, and it's my biggest trug.

Also had a good run on the strawbs [only 2 nibbled too much, 2 nibbled that can be chopped out and the rest ok], plus the first day's rasp harvest, again another 45 minute session, as under all those strawbs are the rasps. So many more rasps to come, I need to take a huge clean tray now to keep them all dirt free each day.

Now, to clean, destalk and de-pod.

On a minus note, I flicked some mud down my top when planting out the Long Red Florence onions, and even though I'd shaken my top several times, when I got home I could still feel it. Yes, it was a little slug. Ug.

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