Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Trip to Brugge

 No gardening for the last 4 days as we popped to Brugge to avoid the Jubilee gubbins. 

I decided to mainly set my Oly EP-1 to the Black and White 'Grainy Film' filter. i usually choose which filter, if I use any, that corresponds with the film that I would use if I were shooting in film. Hence lots of B&W.

Mark patiently waiting for a beer...

A man who was wandering around the door, and the jukebox in the cafe we were in


COFFEE - this was most excellent I have to say

Our guide book, lent to me by the lovely VVG. Thanks chickadee.

Mark's first beer. 

The beer wall behind something much more interesting, a city gabion. Made by Kubric. 

One for the nieces, the Choco-holic shop. Yes, we bought you back some chocolate. Hopefully I'll drop it off soon. K. 

Coach and horses, these are the background noise in this city clip clopping everywhere. 

Cobbled street. Nice. 

Ahem - another coach and horse. 

No idea but this fine chap was in the doorway of an art exhibition we visited.

It rained. Quite alot. But less so than Oslo. Luckily we were in the camper and had tea and biscuits to keep us occupied. 

On the whole, a lovely long weekend - I'd recommend it if you like quietish city breaks. If you are after lots of activity then perhaps don't visit. The only cringeworthy moments were the Brits we encountered being their usual loud brash selves. Sober as well as half cut on strong Belgian Beer. Asking a barmaid how to say 'Thank You???'...honestly - some of these people are idiots of the highest order. We kept a low profile as usual and hoped that our lack of fashion sense didn't give us away.

Upon our return, lots of plants had grown - or seemed to. That made us very happy. And nothing in the greenhouse died. Excellent!

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For The Record - VVG's Sowing and Growing in 2012 said...

VVG says you are most welcome. Pleased you're back to live plants - so much rain here.
Beautiful pics - loving the atmospheric B and W. Must see you soon xxx