Sunday, 4 December 2011

OCD - ish

I am currently in a job where I teach Organic Gardening to SEN teenagers. As part of this, I have spent some time with the Garden Organic Growth project. One of the things that they are taught is to be very specific about what is composted where - so perennial weeds are burnt, and annual weeds are chopped down and composted in their compost bin. Ever since, I have been ever-so-slightly obsessed with chopping down my own 'to be composted material' at home. This for example, is the foliage from 24 tomato plants, 9 pepper/chilli plants and the droppings from our very large grape. I collected them and as the bag filled up, got the choppers out and chopped them down. Then filled it again, and again and again; possibly about 12 times. And then I added today's potato peelings, carrot peelings and coffee grounds. So there is alot of 'stuff' in here - probably 2 wheelbarrows full if it wasn't chopped down.

This is a shopping bag, not a huge composting bag; from a popular supermarket.

It can be quiet therapeutic, just chopping down stuff for composting.

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