Sunday, 4 December 2011

Photos in Edinburgh

We took a trip in our camper van up North to Northumberland and to Edinburgh a few weeks back, and I thought I'd add some of the photos on here. All were taken with my Olympus EP-1

This first one is a shot of the entrance to the campsite.

And this next one is of a church with a speeding bus - taken as we waited for the bus that was to break down on it's way up the hill. 

We did the Rebus tour - we don't often 'do' tours but we thought we would as it would stop us from spending too much money and we would learn stuff about Edinburgh that we didn't already know. I'd recommend it, however try to do it on a non-rainy day. This is a shot from some steps as we went round the city.

And on the same tour, a bench.

All in all, our 2 days were great, the first day we had glorious sunshine and were too hot to walk around the city; the second day we had a grey start, it got greyer and wetter and by the time we got back to the campsite, at about 7pm - it was raining heavily and it didn't stop all night long. So we headed in a southerly direction towards the 'non-rain' and yes, it only stopped raining 5 miles from home. So we had the last day of the hols at home, in the sun.

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