Sunday, 4 December 2011

Photos in Northumberland

 We went to Northumberland and I took a few shots on my Olympus EP-1

This first one is of a Dandelion on the side of the walls of Lindisfarne Castle. 
One of the roughest places in the UK - weather-wise....and yet there it sits, hanging on and still keeping it's seed head intact. 

 This one is at Alnwick Gardens next to the Castle. 
It's of a little girl running across the swing bridge.

 This was taken in the grass with Lindisfarne Castle in the background.


 And this is of grasses also hanging onto Lindisfarne Castle walls.

If you haven't been to Alnwick Gardens, I'm not going to spoil the surprise that greets you when you walk through the entrance, suffice to say it's breathtaking. esp on a sunny day. 
So this is a shot out in the rose garden.

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