Sunday, 5 February 2012

Potting on and sowing

Today - as well as the alliums from my sister Blog [the Seed circle one] - I potted on about 24 garlics. I had sown them in a tray because I just hadn't had time to get to the plot, prep a bed and sow these. I have done some in situ but these are supplemental and are from a previous year's crop.

They are now in 3 inch pots and as soon as the roots have grown into decent sized rootballs - I'll put them into their final positions with a bulb planter. They were frozen this morning so that should be enough to get them to form cloves.

I've also sown some random broad beans - 4 different 'end of bag' varieties. Will be kept indoors until this cold snap comes to and end and if they get to 6 inches before then - they will go into root trainers and in a polystyrene box until it warms up a bit and then into the plot. 

This is where 'I don't care what biodynamic day it is' comes into it's own as I have no idea but only had today to do it so it had to be done.

Still CBA to take photos today so here is a pic of my Box Brownie which I will be using this year to take old style photos of stuff

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Robert Brenchley said...

I remember my mother having a camera like that. It was only produced when we were on holiday, and only used for pics of us starting at the camera and smiling.