Friday, 17 February 2012

Tomatoes, chillis and potato onions

 I just wanted to post some updates to my current seed sowing collection that is sitting on my kitchen worktop. Most of these chillis germinated in a heated prop and were then taken straight out. They stay in these little pots until they have 2 true leaves and are then given a little pot each and some will be put into the unheated greenhouse with plenty of protection - most though are going back to schools to continue growing on or go to plant swaps [only about 5% will I keep].

Fatalli chillis - from a chilli seed circle - all germinated really quickly - I've heard from the seed donater that these are lovely so I might want to grow lots of these.


Long Green Buddha sweet peppers - again germinated really quickly

Bolivian Rainbow chillis - notice the darker leaves - I do like growing these chillis

Peperone Chillis - sown by a student and I think a few extra went in than expected - but lovely and quick germination all the same. Nice.

One of the tomatoes from before - now with 2 true leaves. I don't rush them once they are growing as I like to grow them hard and these will be transplanted soon to to the bottom of their true leaves - burying the seed leaves asap. 

This is a Maskotka - which was originally with a GYO mag but I saved from them and saved them again so these are from those seeds - I like these as the nieces love them and they can be eaten in one small mouthful. I use chalk pens these days as well as labels as it saved much time!

2 types of potato onion - red and white - got these from the Garden Organic Potato Day Seed Swap - will try and bulk these up this year.

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