Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sowing and Transplanting

Today I:
Transplanted some lettuce sown in December and some beetroot sown last week.
Sowed lots and lots of tomatoes for me, for swapping, for schools and for the CPD that I am running in a few weeks.

List of tomatoes sown:
All the ones from the Seed Circle - see other blog for details
Bush Toms:
Rambling Gold
Beaver Lodge Slicer
Pendulum Orange
Vine Tomatoes
Red Cluster Pear
Cristel's Plum
Piglet Willie's French Black
Blue OSU
Black Plum
Purple Russian
Imur Prior Beta
Speckled Russian Plum
Depp's Pink Firefly
Darby Striped Pink/Yellow
Giant Plum
Stonor's Most Prolific
Brad's Black Heart
Auntie Madge's

That little lot should keep us all going for a fair while!

Just to keep the photos going, this is a pic of a Blue OSU from 2011. I believe it's being sold now commercially, which is nice.

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