Sunday, 26 February 2012


Today I sowed all the tomato seeds from the circle.

I'm not going to individually take a photo of each variety - but the list is:

Alpatieva 905A
Beijing Yellow
Dwarf Mr Snow  
Early Tanana
Green Bell Pepper
Korol Rannikh  
Michael Pollan
Monkeys Ass
Plumpton King
Prairie Fire 
Yellow Out Red In
Red Pear
Slovienian Black
Tasmanian Chocolate Dwarf
T.C. Jones 
Vova Yellow 

Couldn't find Eli so I have no idea where that has gone, it might turn up sometime.

I also sowed

Tzimbalo Solanum Caripense


Currysniffa said...

Wow that's one hell of a lot of variety's of tomatoes, do you intend trying and save seed from them all? How many of each plant are you going to keep,how big is your greenhouse or please excuse my ignorance, are they all outside growing tomatoes. good luck anyways. Chris

Zazen999 said...

I'll grow one of each and potentially give the others away or grow them at schools and other places - don't forget I have about 8 groups that I am growing with. I'll use some as transplant practice at a CPD I'm running in a month. I'll save from as many as give me decent fruits!