Saturday, 17 March 2012

Potatoes all in - St Patrick's Day 2012

Usually, all my spuds go in on or as near to St Patrick's day as possible. We were due to go away this weekend, so last Sunday I put in the Charlotte, the Mr Little's Yetholm Gypsy, and the Amorosa potatoes - and today it was the turn of the Kestrel as we didn't go away after all.

With the Charlotte and Mr L's - I put half in with Mycrorhyzal Fungi [I'll work that spelling out later], and the other half with a good slosh of seaweed feed. The Amorosa and Kestrel just had a little potato fertiliser added.

I also weeded the onion bed, took out the Wilko shallots that had done nothing since they went in; and loosened the soil around the shallots and onions, gave them a sprinkle of root veg fertiliser and watered that in with seaweed feed. Then covered up again with enviromesh. I'll probably not weed again for another 8 weeks.

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