Sunday, 4 March 2012

New iPad and sowing more seeds

Mark bought us an iPad yesterday - so hence I am just setting it up  -will make it easier to post on here certainly! Esp when it's photos that we really need.

So, I'm off to take some more.

So, now that's sorted - what have I sown today. Well, the list follows:
Swede Bjursas
Marigold Kilimanjaro
French Quince
White Borage
Leek Lyon 2
White Serpent Squash [just the one]
Tomato Aranyulama [will check that spelling later]
Bangladeshi Cucumber 
Mangetout Bijou
Gherkin Cornichan de Paris
Celeriac Monarch
Pepper Curry
Onion Besancon
Red Iceberg Lettuce 

And finally an Instagram of my seedlings - well, some of them

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