Sunday, 30 December 2012

Some good news!

 No, it's not that the plot flooded. Which it did. 2 days before Christmas. Which meant no veg could be harvested for any of our festive meals. Which was annoying. Also, I have been collecting various fruit plants for Christmas pressies and they were totally sodden so I couldn't give them away either. But...

The actual good news is that we went down today and the waters had subsided. I had worn my wellies so could traipse through the 2 inch deep with water paths - whereas Mark could only stand by...whilst I pulled some leeks [Bleu De Solaise, from my own saved seeds from the perennial Leek bed] and 1 Stamme Onions [hazaah!!!] and some Avon Resistor Parsnips. Which needed a spade to dig them out - although it was more the suction keeping them in than the usual frozen soil issue.

So - 2 more successes from the Seed Circle. I will be getting more of these parsnips as they were absolutely delightful roasted, buttery and smooth. Nicest ever I'd say. So 3 will be left to go to seed in 2013. Roll on the new year! And the new A4A Seed Circle seeds, which will be coming hopefully in the near future.

Happy 2013 one and all!


Ian Pearson said...

Glad the parsnip seed did well for you. If you are planning to save some yourself, it's worth lifting lots of roots, and selecting the best for replanting for seed.

Zazen999 said...

Definitely. I usually pick the three best samples and replant in the spring although this year they have even survived a week's flooding and the snoops have been fine so I'll just dig them up and replant in a corner somewhere. I do love seed saving from biennials.