Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Gertrude Franck bed

So it goes...Gert reigns supreme yet again.

Same photos as the other blog but for slightly different reasons

Gert's bed is there, with the green framed netted portion over it. I know it's hard to see in amongst the flooding but it's there. And it's been the most successful bed in a really cruddy growing year. And I pulled some parsnips from it today, plus an onion [yes, an onion. Just the one. Because in every other year they have all had white rot in that bed. So something is going right somewhere]. I left all the other onions, as they were Long Red Florences and they are just starting to regrow and I want to save the seed from them. So although it pained me greatly - I left them there.

So here, back home, once the wet clay has been asked off - are the spoils of today. I also got some leeks from Mark's Leek bed...grown from my own saved seed [Bleu De Solaise] from the perennial leek bed. 

So, I have also decided to have a new layout of the lottie if I can find the time this year to do it - now it has flooded I think it's time to change things a little.

Anyway - here's to a better 2013 for us veg growers. I can't wait to put 2012 to bed. A soggy, flooded, wet, claggy, sluggy, sodden bed. Bleurgh.

*P.s...the good thing about the flooding was the sheer number of drowned slugs one sees whilst walking in wellies to the shed. Ha!

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