Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Random Approach to GYO

I've decided to try a different approach to sowing seed this year. 

I'm going to pack up a range of seeds to sow each week, so every Sunday all we have to do is to sprinkle the contents onto a half seed tray and water in. 

Then prick out, grow on and plant in their own bed at the allotment. 

If they look like they are going to climb - we'll pop a cane in to let them. 

Mark has agreed to put them all in his bed at the plot. 

So I have printed out one seed pack per week from Jan 1st to 8 Oct 2013. 

Later today I will go through my seed stash and put pinches of appropriate seeds into each week's packet. 


I've been through my non-tomatoes, non-peppers, non-HSL or seed saving, and non-needs to be sown in situ stash - and have hand picked seeds for each week between 18th December 2012 and 8th October 2013.

Some, like a huge bag of mixed lettuce, I've put in a pinch every single week.

The others, I've looked at the months they can be sown, and either sown at the start of the season, or split down into 2 or more sowings.

I've noted them all down in my book so I can reference them if needs be.

Let the sowing 9 days time.

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