Sunday, 1 February 2009

Seed Saving

I saw this idea a while back, and as I'm going to be saving seeds all over the garden and allotment, I wanted something to show my over-enthusiastic puller upper of plants [AKA Mark] that I was letting seed heads die on plants for a reason. So, I've collected stones when I've been out and about [these came from Cornwall last October], and the odd bit of driftwood, and I painted them up last weekend to assist the seed saving cause. 


Jane said...

I'm loving your stone idea, and when I finally get round to saving my own seeds will adopt such a method. Not for anyone else but for me to rememeber as it's me who does all the weeding! janeyo

Zazen999 said...

Thanks Jane, I saw it myself on a blog but can't remember which one or I would reference it. I popped one out yesterday for my one remaining beetroot.