Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sowing and repotting and Seed Guardian

On Feb 11th, I sowed some dwarf french beans for an early indoor harvest:
6 x Kinghorn Wax [2-sheds]
6 x Firetongue Borlotti
4 x Yin yang
6 x Yellow dwarf [2-sheds]
2 x Canadian wonder [2-sheds]

They were soaked in water overnight and I checked to them today and most have sprouted. 

Also this week, I got my Seed Guardian list through - so I have opted for:
Wild Pigeon Bean
Stoke Lettuce and 
Longkeeping Tomato

In that order. 

Here's hoping they come through!

Today I also:
sowed 22 Jiffy 7s with a pinch of onions that I will use for spring onions
repotted tomatoes, peppers, coriander, cress and orach
sowed 14 white potato slivers [from shop bought potatoes that had shooted] into Root trainers. 

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