Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sowing and potting on activity [Root day]

Today I sowed more Alliums:
Leek - Long de Mezieres [Real Seeds]
Leek - Early Market [HSL]
Leek - Bleu De Solaise [Real Seeds] - need to save seeds from some of these [SS]
Onion - Mr Allen's Resliance [Heligan] - [SS]
Onion - Up to Date [HSL] - [SS]
Onion - Bedfordshire Champion [ From Finedon Dandy from the Vine]
Onion - North Holland Bloodred Redmate [Suttons]
Onion - The Kelsae [Johnsons] - [SS]
Shallot - Banana [T&M, from Seahorse from the Vine]
Onion - Golden Bear F1 [Robinsons] 
Onion - Mammoth Red Onion [Robinsons] - [SS]
Spring Onion - Elody - [SS]

I also potted on:
3 x Grushovak Toms from the Dec sowings
2 x Gelbe Chilli Peppers
2 x Cobra Nasturtiums
2 x Cerinthe

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