Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sowing [Fruit day]

Yesterday I sowed a range of tomatoes and peppers:
Yellow cherry tomato [self saved, originally grown by Ray Monk and given to me by his lovely wife]
Beef tomato [self saved, from Tesco]
Black Plum [HSL]
Smadar [Chase organics]
Cuore Di Bue [Franchi]
Thai Seeds [Small Blue Planet from the Vine]
French Tomato Flat [self saved from a tom bought in Collioure, S of F]
Broad Ripple Yellow Currant [from Hazel at the Hill from the Vine]
Tigerella [from Two_Sheds from the Vine]
Black Krim [self saved from a plant bought in Draycott Open Gardens 2008]
Costoluto Fiorentino [Real Seeds]
Dragotsennost [Real Seeds]
Millefleur Yellow [Real Seeds]
De Colgar [Real Seeds]
Rio Grande [Franchi]
Grushovka [Real Seeds]
Aurora [Real Seeds]
Reisetomate Pocketbook [Real Seeds]
Amish Paste [Real Seeds]
Purple Ukraine [Real Seeds]

Purple Jalapeno [Small Blue Planet from the Vine]
Trifetti [HSL]
Nardello [HSL]
Hot Cayenne [Fothergills]
Long Red Chilli [self saved but labels got lost last year]
Random chilli [from a Grape]
Albertos Rocoto [Real Seeds]
N Napia Sweet Pointy [Real Seeds]
Sweet Chocolate [Real Seeds]
Westlandse Lange Rode [Real Seeds
Purple Tiger [from a grape]
Gelbe Kirshen Chilli [Real Seeds]
Dedo De Mocha Sweet Aji [Real Seeds]
Pretty in purple [Real Seeds]
Purple Venezuelian [Real Seeds]
Bolivian Rainbow [Real Seeds]
Large Sweet Spanish Chilli [from a Grape]
Peppadew [from Tricia]
Ramiro [self saved from Tesco]

3 of each in each module

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