Friday, 27 February 2009

Flowers, peppers and peas

I have just sowed:
Amaranthus, Marvel Bronze [T&M]
Amberboa Muricata [T&M]
Two_Sheds' Borage
Two_Sheds' Teasel
Own saved Cerinthe
Own saved Flax Red
Cornflower Dairy Maid [Chocolate fragrance] [T&M]
Dianthus Siberian Blues [Y&M]

i have also pricked out all the peppers and chillis, and into the spare modules I've sown more...and popped the tray into the propagator for a few days to make or break the seeds that haven't germinated yet. Then, I'll prick those out that have germinated and call the others as dead. 

Plus 15 modules of 5 Early Onward pea. That's 75 peas. Must get my pea and bean area at the lottie sorted out. 

Seed pile is not going down...each time I sow some seeds I get another load through the door. This week it was a free magazine for being a Mod on the Vine...with another 10 packs of seeds. I've got to swap some though as I don't even like Aubergine.

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