Sunday, 15 April 2012

Gertrud Franck Bed Planner

I've been drawing out and making loads of notes and changes to my Gertrude Franck bed planner, and my good pal VVG thought it would be good to put this online - I didn't agree so I've done one on photoshop which is the actual end result of my scribblings.

So far: the steps have been:
a - prepare the bed raking it to a fine tilth
2 - mark out half metres
3 - sow mustard at each half metre and leave to germinate
d - mark A B or C for each bed and sow a green manure into each A and B bed
5 - sow beetroot into a C bed, and transplant beetroot and lettuce into another C bed
f - put leeks into a C bed and onions into another C bed
g - put 2 presown pots of peas into a B bed

I have seedlings - swedes to go in with the leeks, and lettuces to go in with the beetroot [once they have germinated] and will sow parsnips and carrots soon.

My two planners are below. The first one started out really neat, honest!


For The Record - VVG's Sowing and Growing in 2012 said...

You did agree with VVG because it's up there and folks, it's just as pretty in the flesh. The beauty is in the artistic ebb and flow of an ever changing gardening mind. That's all. Can't wait to plant my lettuce seedlings and my conundrum was where - you've answered that one! In the beetroot bed once my cold/migraine has passed. You are genius

Zazen999 said...

Thank you - you aren't so bad yourself!