Monday, 16 April 2012

Photos of the plot

These are about 4-5 beetroots that grew from old HSL seed last year [Dobbie's Purple] and were the biggest beetroots I've ever seen.  Size of a football - so I left a few over the winter and one, my lottie neighbour wanted as he kept ogling them and wants to save the seed from them - you can see his in the top right on the next plot. So, I've built a frame round them and will let all of them flower and go to seed. We shall see later in the year just how much seed these will give us.

 Elderflowers at the back of our plot - last year the council cut this bush back without us knowing so we lost out on the flowers or berries so fingers crossed they keep off this year.

Gertrude Franck bed - leeks and onions in, and lettuce and swede just waiting to go in. 

 My first completed netting - this was 20 loops wide [using a ruler as a guide] and once untied, will reach to the ground over my Munty frame and the climbing French beans will hopefully clamber up later in the year. Can't wait!

 My Munty frame in the second bed, and a vertical squash frame in the first one. This top bed is where the contaminated manure was stashed and the soil underneath still isn't right so we are using it as a composting bed this year and we shall see what grows. Hence, I'm putting squashes in there as they should get a fair amount of nutrients from the decomposing compost - all we will have to do is to keep it well watered this summer.

These are netted peas; about 35 plants in there. They are mainly Goldensweet Mangetout and I'll put a taller cane in and bigger nets to keep the dreaded pea moth out.

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